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Tongue Drum

Love the sound of this instrument. Tongue Drum is said to be originate from Africa,Asia and South America thousands of years ago. It is played by mallet or by hands. I prefer to play it by bare hands so that my expression and inspiration come straight to my body, like I feel wanna dance. Play just simple alternate hand stroke and tap them onto this beautiful wood, No mind to control. It will take you to another space. A space where all the trees,water,wind,sun,animals and our life are vivid. It open up your heart and inspiration. since I got this drum, my sound healing performance have expanded the possibility and people love them so much. Here's the video I'm playing around with this instrument. It's 18 inches long in key of D major. It would be best if you listen to it with headphone so you can feel the touch and vibe. Ok,I wish you enjoy it. I bought it from this person at very reasonable price. Thank you for visiting!

Sun,Sky,My Town/Guitar Sound Healing vol.2

I just created another music clip yesterday. This time again ,I played the nylon string guitar and improvised all the way. In order to improvise, you need to really listen to what comes next. It all comes down from your heart. The Photos were taken at the sunset park,Brooklyn. One of the most beautiful sunset in the city. I wish you sit back and relax while listening. Thank you for visiting.

Guitar Sound Healing/The Sunset (Kauai Island)

The video was made with the nylon string guitar and the time lapse of sunset at salt pond beach in Kauai island. The music on this video was all improvised so as to the inspiration come through me. I wish the listeners would feel and immerse with the sound of guitar strum while sit back and watching the beauty of hawaiian sunset go down. Thank you for watching.