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Like the wind flow / Snufkin Osamu playing by the lake

Hi there.

I just came back from a driving trip to Berkshire, MA.

The beauty of autumn foliage was indescribable.

It was the most wonderful trip I have ever had in my life to enjoy the scenery of autumn foliage.

Gratitude naturally brimming up while overflowing with happiness and blessing.

So I have completely healed by nature.

The Guitar performed on the shore of a lake in Berkshire, Massachusetts.

I'm playing guitar along sensing the beauty of autumn foliage, wind, air, sky, water, and all the source from Mother Nature.

I hope you like it.

Recorded on Oct 15. '20


Snafkin Osamu

Chatting with a bird

The best moment of the day August 25, 2020
I was sitting on a bench and resting for a while in the park.
A bird came very close I thought she wanted some food but I didn't have any to feed.She was still there so I started to chat with her for a while.

It seems like she recognizes me since I came to play music and asked me if I play some today.
I said I got a meeting with someone today so I come back another time.
She made me feel happy for a day. 
I love communicating with animals it makes me become an innocent child.

I feel like I want to introduce this music I played in the forest in Central Park.The sound of Baritone Ukulele is invoking to reconnect with nature that brings us back to an innocent child.

Inspiration is the manifestation of Abundance

Hi there.

Recently I just started performing in Central Park, NYC.

and it's been such a joy not only playing music in the beautiful nature but also to meet people and communicate with them through the music I play.

The other day I was playing the guitar by the lake improvising from my inspiration andalso playing some old songs.

Then I noticed a guy, he was listening and sitting just behind me.when he is about to leave he talked to me and said

"Thank you for the music you played it's so beautiful"

then he gave me a picture he drew with a pencil.

"Your music inspired me to draw this picture"

His drawing art was so beautiful.It moved me that my music could inspire someone to create something.

and this is something I call it the manifestation of "Abundance"

Lastly, I want to add my newest Youtube clip.this is a guitar solo performance with an old beautiful song that had become one of the most famous Jazz standard songs.
"All The Things You Are"
I hope …

Lions Gate Prayer For World Peace 8.8.2020 Obelisk In Central Park, NYC

On August 8th, 2020 when The Lion's Gate is at the peak,
I had a little ceremony in front of the obelisk in Central Park, NYC.

Praying for world peace in this chaotic time in history.

I choose to create my world in peace and harmony.

So I offered my music to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Spirits
as we can shift our vibration to a peaceful and harmonious one.

The performance went on for about 40 minutes but I present the clip with a short cut version. 
The song I play is my original piece called "Like A Wind Flow"

Sorry for my video clip it only shows my back however I intend to
Offer music towards the obelisk tower that represents the energy
portal of the lion's gate.

Sound healing retreat in central park,NYC

On the full moon of Aquarius, August 3. 

One of my participants recorded the beginning of the sound healing retreat at Central Park, 

so I'd like to share it.

it's so wonderful to experience to lie down on the lawn in the woods of the park and feel the sound of trees and the wind, the birds, the earth, and the great nature of the sky.

In the video, I'm playing a bell, chimes, and crystal bowls.

The overall performance, including the sound healing of the guitar, lasted for about an hour.

I hope this clip gives you a touch of the blessing we received.

Street Performance in NYC Hunter's Pont Summer 2020

As if inspired by the hot summer sun I have a growing desire to go outside, in the meantime, my passion for expressing myself more outside has come up, 
So finally the other day I started a street performance.

On the second day as a busking musician, I played at Hunter’s Point Park along the east river. A nice dude who was listening to my playing took a picture and also a video clip. Thank you so much, Chris!!

So I’ll post it as my own memorial. If you like the music, please click on the GOOD button and subscribe to support.
thank you for listening.
Snafkin Osamu

I welcome inquiries and requests for events such as guitar and sound healing concerts and workshops.
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Body & Soul Guitar Solo by Snufkin Osamu

iPhone shot at my home rooftop in New York with iPhone.

July 23 '20

In midsummer, it's hot in the daytime, so I woke up early and felt the refreshing air in the early morning and played the guitar.

thank you for listening.


Snafkin Osamu

I welcome inquiries and requests for events such as guitar and sound healing concerts and workshops.

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Sound Healing Guitar / Last Train Home - Snufkin Osamu

My favorite song of Pat Metheny's masterpiece album "Still Life"
was made into a guitar solo.

Baritone Ukulele Sound Healing

Recently I often go to Central Park for bathing in a forest, and I  bring a baritone ukulele and enjoy strumming the strings.

I met this baritone ukulele on the Big Island of Hawaii and I've wanted this as I saw it for the first time! ! It was one of the favorite musical instruments of a fateful encounter that I felt with intuition.

If you've been a musical instrument player for a long time, you'll come across such a heart-sparkling instrument.

There is no doubt that such instruments inspire creativity, and I can make great works with them.

The characteristic of this instrument is that it is stretched with four nylon strings and is lower tuning than a normal ukulele.

 It's the same as tuning a guitar's 1-4 strings, Even if I am not familiar with the tuning and narrow position of the ukulele, this baritone ukulele is not so strange and I can easily switch and play it from the guitar.

Also, this portable size is lovely, and it's a little awkward to go out with a…

Just Another Wonderful World/Baritone Ukulele

On a sunny June weekend in the woods of Central Park
I hear children play, birds twittering, Wind whisper,
I was strumming the baritone ukulele while connected to nature.

The song I present today is Another version of What a Wonderful World. 

I uploaded the same song before, but this time I will send you another variation 

using the baritone ukulele.

Enjoy a chillout
Happy Summer Solstice 2020

Snafkin Osamu

I welcome inquiries and requests for events such as guitar and sound healing concerts and workshops.

please feel free to contact me.

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Taking walk on New York City, June 2020

It was a nice and sunny day yesterday, so I took a walk to the town and chilled out in the park.
I was thinking of going to the usual Washington Square, but I changed my mind to get off at the 23rd station before getting there.

As I walked on the street along the Broadway I witnessed that most shops covered the entire surface with wooden boards so that the window glass could not be broken to prevent destruction and looting.

 You see that George Floyd's case is a huge impact.

There's a place where you could freely write the cards for the protests.

Everyone was writing their thoughts.

 The protests were walking near Union Square along 14th Street

 There is no violence at all during the day, it is a very peaceful protest demonstration.

I was deeply moved by the cohesive power of people who wanted to defeat racism and the desire to change society as they have been tired of those discriminations.

I bought the Black Lives Matter badge.

 I think this Black Lives Matter should be int…

Inner Peace

In New York, the warmth has become more comfortable,
  It has become a good season to open the windows of the house and feel the wind.

  Even in such seemingly peaceful days, various social turbulences are running,
The killing of George Floyd by a white police officer is a remarkable event.

The protest against racism is making a loud voice all over the United States.

When the world is changing dramatically due to the coronavirus phenomenon,
 These protests and riots, which seem to fill the turmoil in the turmoil, has long been held by the United States.

It has highlighted the darkness that America has had for a long time,
but it also made me feel that they show the world is facing a problem that requires a change in consciousness.

Discrimination is the lack of the intelligence and sensitivity of love to respect people equally.

 That derived from a Sense of Separation and fear.
 Fear of being robbed, lost, looked down on, and so on.

I think the state of blaming the inner fears on the …

Voice of the Sea

Introducing a video clip of dolphins and whales created by Daisuke, who is a dolphin swim guide & an artist living on the Big Island of Hawaii
You can enjoy the collaboration of the healing music that I created with his whale sound source. be healed by the dolphins and other creatures swimming happily!

Mr. Daisuke was a guide for the dolphin swim at the healing retreat I organized

on the Big Island of Hawaii last February and March,

I just feel the love of dolphins, and even think he was reincarnated from Dolphins.

I was really lucky to meet him.

Daisuke On Youtube

Snufkin Osamu

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Spirit Of Aloha At The Central Park NY

A beautiful sunny day with a cozy spring breeze in May 2020
I grabbed my baritone ukulele and played it at central park, NY feeling the breath of nature in the woods.
Although I'm not playing Hawaiian music What I call Aloha Spirit means connecting with the spirit of nature and expressing the sound with the heart of Hawaii's freedom and openness of love.
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thank you for listening.
Snufkin Osamu

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The Angel Song Of Whale/ Healing Sound Of Indian Flute by Snufkin Osamu

This time I created healing music with the voices of Indian flute and whale.

The whale's sound source was presented by my friend Daisuke who is an artist Dolphin photographer and communicates with dolphins.

It was recorded on the field at the ocean in Hawaii

The healing sound of the flute was performed as I dedicate to an angel, and the sound of the whale is creating a piece of music that makes the body and mind rest.

Thank you for listening.

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Snufkin Osamu

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Moon River/Solo Guitar By Snufkin Osamu

It was a hot summer day in New York today, 

so I decided to play an attic live up on my apartment.

Today's song will be Moon River that was requested by my friend.

It was sung on a famous classical movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" And
I remember the scene where Audrey Hepburn played on the guitar at the window of her apartment in New York.

I will play this song for you on the rooftop of my New York apartment.

Played in May 2020 while being embraced by Mother Earth and Father Sky during the lockdown.

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thank you for listening.


Snufkin Osamu

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New York-Essential Life

It's been a month and a half since New York was locked down.

During that period, the only chance I go out is to go shopping at the food store once a week or just sunbathing in a park along the river.

So I was tired of visiting the neighborhood.

So finally a few days ago, I took the subway for a long time to get to the city of Manhattan.

People are staying at home these days and are urged to do only essential things here in NYC.

For me, going to a park is one of the most important essential activities.

So I'd like to introduce my way of essential life in NYC.

The first place I headed for was Washington Square,
a place for New Yorkers to chill and relax.

What I noticed after coming here is that there are no tourists at all because it's locked down now.
They are almost New Yorkers.
That's amazing.
And That's not normal.

In May, spring is around the corner.

It seems to be increasingly warm, but still,
a few chilly winter remnants remain today.

This season, the trees i…

A message of hope/Over The Rainbow

A message of Hope from New York in the chaos of Corona.

Today, I will present you with a guitar solo version of Over the Rainbow.

The outline of the song talks about having hopes and dreams over difficult times, so I think there is something we can resonate with.

Many people are playing this song, but my favorite is Keith Jarrett's piano solo version, and Hawaiian musician IZ singing this song.
I like the spirit of the two on this song.

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thank you for listening.

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