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Baritone Ukulele Sound Healing

Recently I often go to Central Park for bathing in a forest, and I  bring a baritone ukulele and enjoy strumming the strings. I met this baritone ukulele on the Big Island of Hawaii and I've wanted this as I saw it for the first time! ! It was one of the favorite musical instruments of a fateful encounter that I felt with intuition. If you've been a musical instrument player for a long time, you'll come across such a heart-sparkling instrument. There is no doubt that such instruments inspire creativity, and I can make great works with them. The characteristic of this instrument is that it is stretched with four nylon strings and is lower tuning than a normal ukulele.  It's the same as tuning a guitar's 1-4 strings, Even if I am not familiar with the tuning and narrow position of the ukulele, this baritone ukulele is not so strange and I can easily switch and play it from the guitar. Also, this portable size is lovely, and it's a little awkward to g

Just Another Wonderful World/Baritone Ukulele

On a sunny June weekend in the woods of Central Park I hear children play, birds twittering, Wind whisper, I was strumming the baritone ukulele while connected to nature. The song I present today is Another version of What a Wonderful World.  I uploaded the same song before, but this time I will send you another variation  using the baritone ukulele. Enjoy a chillout Happy Summer Solstice 2020 Aloha🌈 Snafkin Osamu I welcome inquiries and requests for events such as guitar and sound healing concerts and workshops. please feel free to contact me. Music Download Reiki Sound Healing Website

Taking walk on New York City, June 2020

It was a nice and sunny day yesterday, so I took a walk to the town and chilled out in the park. I was thinking of going to the usual Washington Square, but I changed my mind to get off at the 23rd station before getting there. As I walked on the street along the Broadway I witnessed that most shops covered the entire surface with wooden boards so that the window glass could not be broken to prevent destruction and looting.  You see that George Floyd's case is a huge impact. There's a place where you could freely write the cards for the protests. Everyone was writing their thoughts.  The protests were walking near Union Square along 14th Street  There is no violence at all during the day, it is a very peaceful protest demonstration. I was deeply moved by the cohesive power of people who wanted to defeat racism and the desire to change society as they have been tired of those discriminations. I bought the Black Lives Matter badge.  I

Inner Peace

In New York, the warmth has become more comfortable,   It has become a good season to open the windows of the house and feel the wind.   Even in such seemingly peaceful days, various social turbulences are running, The killing of George Floyd by a white police officer is a remarkable event. The protest against racism is making a loud voice all over the United States. When the world is changing dramatically due to the coronavirus phenomenon,  These protests and riots, which seem to fill the turmoil in the turmoil, has long been held by the United States. It has highlighted the darkness that America has had for a long time, but it also made me feel that they show the world is facing a problem that requires a change in consciousness. Discrimination is the lack of the intelligence and sensitivity of love to respect people equally.  That derived from a Sense of Separation and fear.  Fear of being robbed, lost, looked down on, and so on. I think the state of blamin