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The Age Of Aquarius, The Age Of Wind

Recorded on December 17th, 2020, The day when Saturn moved into Aquarius from Capricorn. I personally experienced a huge shift in my consciousness during this time period,  so I want this music to be a kind of iconic milestone. The photos were taken in New York City where I live from the beginning of The Spring  to The Winter in 2020. I have been observing the whole season as I stay in my home town for a whole year,  and it has been a great experience to connect with nature and my local area. Thank you so much for listening. Stay Warm&Happy holiday season.✨🎄

Grounding is the essential in December 2020

Hi Guys It's already winter and I can't believe this year will end soon! For Shamanism, it's been said that the winter's qualities are Grounding, Insight, and Wisdom. I can understand these qualities more easily than ever as I have been staying in my city for the entire year so that I could sense all the seasons' quality. and also in the winter, I could feel that the energies of emotions and minds come up within self which is sometimes overwhelming and heavy, I think it has something to do with the winter climate that forces you to dive into your inner self-talk that arises from the subconscious and conscious minds. For many people, the Covid-19 phenomenon would be a trigger for that, and the media is contributing to agitate our emotion which had been withheld in our subconsciousness. So I normally don't watch those lower vibration oriented information but only choose to watch informative, positive oriented encouraging information, and stay calm and sound as so