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Sunnyside Blues / Solo Guitar Improvisation By Osamu Moriyama

A blizzard came in the winter of New York for the first time in a few years. It's been a warm winter for the last several years, so I was wondering how many years it would have been for such a vigorous snowstorm, and the strong winds and side-strike powder snow continued to fall all day long. The weather forecast said so yesterday, so I'm glad I bought some food at the supermarket. Stay home all day and prepare for hibernation So here is the outside view taken from the window of my house during the day. When I looked out for a while, the birds were flying even in such a snowstorm, but it seems that they are rather being blown away. I felt a little sorry. Continuing from the last time, I played blues this time as well. This time, I'm giving out a more bluesy taste and groove at a slower tempo. The Title is Sunnyside Blues​ The area where I live is called Sunnyside, and I'm playing blues right there, so I chose that title. Sunnyside. The place where I lived before was Sun