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Sound Healing Guitar - Danny Boy /Londonderry Air

In the middle of the chaotic time in the world, the best thing I can do now is sending out the given gift. Here I present a music clip I created. Danny Boy /Londonderry Air The idea of playing this song came up to me just recently when the first melody line came down on my head. I love this song that has such a beautiful melody with sadness, a sadness that expresses a full of love for a loved one who may not come back, I love this song that tells me the sadness that reminds us there's so much love inside your heart. and I love this song that makes me feel a touch of Ireland where I visited, They are a beautiful land full of love. and playing this song with my guitar is an expression of love. Thank you for listening Snafkin Osamu Music Download (US) Website Reiki Sound Healing

Sound Healing and Reiki Healing Worldwide from NYC

Hi there I'm new to write a blog in English I usually write in Japanese, but I feel it necessary to expose myself to a broader world since many people are concerned about The Corona Virus. I am doing Reiki healing and Sound healing session that will support your emotional and mental stress to release fear, anxiety, worry. I live in New York and I do a session both in-person and skype. So if you are far from my place we can do a session remotely from your house. Even one who live in NYC is welcome to do a session with Skype since the government suggests keeping a distance from other people. I will put a youtube link as a sample but a very powerful one to release negative energy for you to try. You can just listen with a headphone or read the English description for further usage. I wish this clip would helpful for as many people as it can be. Please subscribe channel for  Youtube or Visit Website https://