Like the wind flow / Snufkin Osamu playing by the lake

Hi there.

I just came back from a driving trip to Berkshire, MA.

The beauty of autumn foliage was indescribable.

It was the most wonderful trip I have ever had in my life to enjoy the scenery of autumn foliage.

Gratitude naturally brimming up while overflowing with happiness and blessing.

So I have completely healed by nature.

The Guitar performed on the shore of a lake in Berkshire, Massachusetts.

I'm playing guitar along sensing the beauty of autumn foliage, wind, air, sky, water, and all the source from Mother Nature.

I hope you like it.

Recorded on Oct 15. '20


Snafkin Osamu

Chatting with a bird

The best moment of the day August 25, 2020
I was sitting on a bench and resting for a while in the park.
A bird came very close I thought she wanted some food but I didn't have any to feed.She was still there so I started to chat with her for a while.

It seems like she recognizes me since I came to play music and asked me if I play some today.
I said I got a meeting with someone today so I come back another time.
She made me feel happy for a day. 
I love communicating with animals it makes me become an innocent child.

I feel like I want to introduce this music I played in the forest in Central Park.The sound of Baritone Ukulele is invoking to reconnect with nature that brings us back to an innocent child.

Inspiration is the manifestation of Abundance

Hi there.

Recently I just started performing in Central Park, NYC.

and it's been such a joy not only playing music in the beautiful nature but also to meet people and communicate with them through the music I play.

The other day I was playing the guitar by the lake improvising from my inspiration andalso playing some old songs.

Then I noticed a guy, he was listening and sitting just behind me.when he is about to leave he talked to me and said

"Thank you for the music you played it's so beautiful"

then he gave me a picture he drew with a pencil.

"Your music inspired me to draw this picture"

His drawing art was so beautiful.It moved me that my music could inspire someone to create something.

and this is something I call it the manifestation of "Abundance"

Lastly, I want to add my newest Youtube clip.this is a guitar solo performance with an old beautiful song that had become one of the most famous Jazz standard songs.
"All The Things You Are"
I hope …

Lions Gate Prayer For World Peace 8.8.2020 Obelisk In Central Park, NYC

On August 8th, 2020 when The Lion's Gate is at the peak,
I had a little ceremony in front of the obelisk in Central Park, NYC.

Praying for world peace in this chaotic time in history.

I choose to create my world in peace and harmony.

So I offered my music to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Spirits
as we can shift our vibration to a peaceful and harmonious one.

The performance went on for about 40 minutes but I present the clip with a short cut version. 
The song I play is my original piece called "Like A Wind Flow"

Sorry for my video clip it only shows my back however I intend to
Offer music towards the obelisk tower that represents the energy
portal of the lion's gate.

Sound healing retreat in central park,NYC

On the full moon of Aquarius, August 3. 

One of my participants recorded the beginning of the sound healing retreat at Central Park, 

so I'd like to share it.

it's so wonderful to experience to lie down on the lawn in the woods of the park and feel the sound of trees and the wind, the birds, the earth, and the great nature of the sky.

In the video, I'm playing a bell, chimes, and crystal bowls.

The overall performance, including the sound healing of the guitar, lasted for about an hour.

I hope this clip gives you a touch of the blessing we received.

Street Performance in NYC Hunter's Pont Summer 2020

As if inspired by the hot summer sun I have a growing desire to go outside, in the meantime, my passion for expressing myself more outside has come up, 
So finally the other day I started a street performance.

On the second day as a busking musician, I played at Hunter’s Point Park along the east river. A nice dude who was listening to my playing took a picture and also a video clip. Thank you so much, Chris!!

So I’ll post it as my own memorial. If you like the music, please click on the GOOD button and subscribe to support.
thank you for listening.
Snafkin Osamu

I welcome inquiries and requests for events such as guitar and sound healing concerts and workshops.
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Body & Soul Guitar Solo by Snufkin Osamu

iPhone shot at my home rooftop in New York with iPhone.

July 23 '20

In midsummer, it's hot in the daytime, so I woke up early and felt the refreshing air in the early morning and played the guitar.

thank you for listening.


Snafkin Osamu

I welcome inquiries and requests for events such as guitar and sound healing concerts and workshops.

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