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Sincere Gratitude For Keith Jarrett

  As an improviser, Keith Jarrett has been the musician I was most influenced by since I was a teenager. For the first time, he made me feel the creativity that maximizes the potential and freedom through improvisational music. Keith's improvisational music is full of soul, pouring soul into it, energy pulsation, and dance, where there is no room for human thought to intervene. I wanted to make a world that expresses such a spiritual sound. So I started learning the language of jazz when I was a high school student. I learned jazz for about ten years. All the while, Keith's standard trio was in its bloom, so many of my repertoires were from Keith's repertoire. I learned both Be-Bop and classical languages ​​from this trio. When I was a student at Berklee College of Music, I learned classical music as well. I was lucky enough to spend a sensitive period of teens to 20s absorbing music to the fullest during Keith's improvisational solo and standard trio in its bloom. I ju

Some Kind Of Blues

I observe the world involved in the whirlpool of chaos swirling in light and darkness. Now is the time to play blues. Blues is the power created by black people from the world of duality. There ware Racism, exploitation, oppression cause grief, sadness, suffering, anger, conflict,  but they had hope, love, and joy. Now the era and circumstances are different, but the consciousness of humans in regards to light and darkness may not be so much different. Mind Game Battles of greed, attachment, fear versus love, and joy. Blues is the voices of the soul expression of cry, shout, surrender, prayer. Music Download Website   Patreon Instagram

The Girl From Ipanema / Guitar - Osamu Moriyama

I created a piece of solo guitar work with a famous bossa nova song by bossa nova master AC Jobin. and I put some photo images on Youtube as the inspiration come up with Pink, White, Ocean beach, and sky. I hope you'll enjoy both the music and the images. Thank you for listening ✨🌈 Recorded On January 16, 2021 Location: New York More on Youtube Music Download on Apple Music Website  Mother Earth Sound Patreon please be my patron to support my music creation. Instagram

Life is like flower

  Hi there. Belated Happy New Year!! Recently I've been doing walking exercises as part of my routine daily work. Fresh morning air and sunshine give me energy activation of my whole body and energy field. not only that, it can raise the immune system, autonomic nervous system, and such. and then I do Reiki to run through my whole body and meditate. As I've been doing that work I've been seen the abundance is always inside. so I get more trust in myself with positive energy. So now I'd like to introduce m y latest guitar improvisation track on Youtube. I titled it "Flowers Of Life" as I connect with the life energy of flowers I feel abundance, beauty, preciousness, and love. and life is just all about them. The flower represents that kind of quality and so do we all human beings. I hope you could feel it too. Just started today. I launched a new web platform called Patreon. You can support my work through this site. Here's a link