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Shooting Star / Nascer Do Sol

It has been more than two months since I left New York and came to Japan. Now I'm in my home town Kokura, Fukuoka with my mom and sister. Almost every day I have been walking to forest mountain near my neighbor, it only takes about 30 minutes by walk and you get in the natural forest. Japan is abundant in nature with mountains, ocean, rivers,  you can easily access those nature and connect with mother earth and get healed. I often go by the Shinto shrines where gods reside, They protect nature and provide abundant forces. People come to pray for their health, wealth, relationship, and all kinds. I personally come to reconnect with nature they remind me that we are all one. not separated from the source. The idea of Shinto philosophy telling that all things are gods. we are the universal process of creation. So whatever happens to our reality they are a universal creation process. So I believe in whatever happens to my reality is happening for the divine plan. It is no good and bad,