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The Angel Song Of Whale/ Healing Sound Of Indian Flute by Snafkin Osamu

This time I created healing music with the voices of Indian flute and whale.

The whale's sound source was presented by my friend Daisuke who is an artist Dolphin photographer and communicates with dolphins.

It was recorded on the field at the ocean in Hawaii

The healing sound of the flute was performed as I dedicate to an angel, and the sound of the whale is creating a piece of music that makes the body and mind rest.

Thank you for listening.

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Snufkin Osamu

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Sound Healing


Moon River/Solo Guitar By Snafkin Osamu

It was a hot summer day in New York today, 

so I decided to play an attic live up on my apartment.

Today's song will be Moon River that was requested by my friend.

It was sung on a famous classical movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" And
I remember the scene where Audrey Hepburn played on the guitar at the window of her apartment in New York.

I will play this song for you on the rooftop of my New York apartment.

Played in May 2020 while being embraced by Mother Earth and Father Sky during the lockdown.

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thank you for listening.


Snafkin Osamu

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New York-Essential Life

It's been a month and a half since New York was locked down.

During that period, the only chance I go out is to go shopping at the food store once a week or just sunbathing in a park along the river.

So I was tired of visiting the neighborhood.

So finally a few days ago, I took the subway for a long time to get to the city of Manhattan.

People are staying at home these days and are urged to do only essential things here in NYC.

For me, going to a park is one of the most important essential activities.

So I'd like to introduce my way of essential life in NYC.

The first place I headed for was Washington Square,
a place for New Yorkers to chill and relax.

What I noticed after coming here is that there are no tourists at all because it's locked down now.
They are almost New Yorkers.
That's amazing.
And That's not normal.

In May, spring is around the corner.

It seems to be increasingly warm, but still,
a few chilly winter remnants remain today.

This season, the trees i…