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Guitar Improvisation and Sunrise with Meoto Rocks

Hi there. Here I am staying in my home country, Japan. I've been traveling to many beautiful places during my stay. and the video clip I want to introduce here is located in Mie prefecture. It's around the middle of the mainland where there's a sacred Shinto shrine  called Ise Jingu, people of Japan admire to go there and pray for  Amaterasu-Shinto Sun God. The location in the video is Futamiura, less than 20 minutes drive to Ise Jingu. You will see the two rocks on the right side it's called Meoto-Iwa. the sacred rocks that represent a male and female couple. watching the sunrise is a very sacred ritual for Japanese people. it was about 5:15 in the morning, I saw some people by the rocks viewing the beautiful scenery  and coming to pray for their wishes at this sacred nature. I sat by the ocean, put my iPhone12 with a condenser mic, recorded my guitar improvisation along with the sunrise and ocean. I was just resonating with nature, I could sense the gratitude and beau