Life is like flower


Hi there.

Belated Happy New Year!!

Recently I've been doing walking exercises as part of my routine daily work.

Fresh morning air and sunshine give me energy activation of my whole body and energy field.

not only that, it can raise the immune system, autonomic nervous system, and such.

and then I do Reiki to run through my whole body and meditate.

As I've been doing that work I've been seen the abundance is always inside.

so I get more trust in myself with positive energy.

So now I'd like to introduce my latest guitar improvisation track on Youtube.

I titled it

"Flowers Of Life"

as I connect with the life energy of flowers I feel abundance, beauty, preciousness, and love.

and life is just all about them.

The flower represents that kind of quality and so do we all human beings.

I hope you could feel it too.

Just started today.
I launched a new web platform called Patreon.

You can support my work through this site.
Here's a link

Morning sunrise from my neighbor in NY.
It was so beautiful this morning.

I pray, say an affirmation.


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