Sincere Gratitude For Keith Jarrett


As an improviser, Keith Jarrett has been the musician I was most influenced by since I was a teenager.

For the first time, he made me feel the creativity that maximizes the potential and freedom through improvisational music.

Keith's improvisational music is full of soul, pouring soul into it, energy pulsation, and dance, where there is no room for human thought to intervene.

I wanted to make a world that expresses such a spiritual sound.

So I started learning the language of jazz when I was a high school student.

I learned jazz for about ten years.

All the while, Keith's standard trio was in its bloom, so many of my repertoires were from Keith's repertoire.

I learned both Be-Bop and classical languages ​​from this trio.

When I was a student at Berklee College of Music, I learned classical music as well.

I was lucky enough to spend a sensitive period of teens to 20s absorbing music to the fullest during Keith's improvisational solo and standard trio in its bloom.

I just recently got to find out that great bassist
Gary Peacock passed away last September.

Gary is a bassist of Keith Jarrett's standard trio.
He is also a bassist who has made many achievements in free, avant-garde, and contemporary jazz.

He was my favorite bassist alongside Charlie Haden, the great bassist who passed away earlier.

So I feel the end of the era when the great Keith Jarrett trio community is over.

Keith himself has suffered from strokes in recent years, causing partial paralysis of his left side body, So that the possibility of returning to performance activity is very low.

So I hope he will get better.

I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to his achievements burning his soul for over 50 years in his musical career.

Thank you for being part of my life.

Thank you for being my inspiration.

Thank you for creating such beautiful music.

And here's my modest contribution to him.

composed by Keith Jarrett

I played Solo Guitar on this piece.

I love the word Blossom.

I want to live like flowers that are full of vitality and shine beautifully.

I think this song has first recorded on Keith's record on the 70's European quartet album Belonging,  
but My Favorite Take is a recent solo piano work on an album called La Fenice

It is a phenomenon.

I moved deeply by the sense of the ultimate beauty of the depths of the universe he could express on his piano.

The human soul can express the depth, love, and beauty of the universe, so the photos I posted with the sound clip has the theme of the universe, flowers, purple, blue, moon, and sky. 

Thank you for listening✨


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