Sound Healing and Reiki Healing Worldwide from NYC

Hi there

I'm new to write a blog in English I usually write in Japanese,
but I feel it necessary to expose myself to a broader world
since many people are concerned about The Corona Virus.

I am doing Reiki healing and Sound healing session that will
support your emotional and mental stress to release fear, anxiety, worry.

I live in New York and I do a session both in-person and skype.
So if you are far from my place we can do a session remotely from
your house.

Even one who live in NYC is welcome to do a session with Skype
since the government suggests keeping a distance from other people.

I will put a youtube link as a sample but a very powerful one to release
negative energy for you to try.

You can just listen with a headphone or read the English description for
further usage.

I wish this clip would helpful for as many people as it can be.

Please subscribe channel for 

or Visit Website

Love and Light✨


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