Sound Healing For cleansing Corona Virus.

Today I am going to present you with a sound healing to cleanse the coronavirus.
It would be good if you use this tool when you feel like you are infected with a Corona Virus, or You are afraid of being infected, or anything to worry regarding Corona

I used the following sound tools.

The Sound Of God Tuning Forks by Alan Sales.
A tuning fork using the Solfeggio frequency consisting of the Kabbalah sequence.

Planetary Chimes by Accutonics.
Vibration of:
Pluto/Darkness, Destruction, Karma Release, Regeneration
Nibiru/ Release fear, confusion, and destruction
Neptune/ Purification of confusion, anxiety, fear
New moon/ Purification, cycle, safety, security
Ohm/ Nature, life, birth
Sun/ center, vitality,

3 types of Crystal Singing Bowls
D, F#, B
It is okay to listen without much focus on the clip.
But if you want to do it seriously as a healing session,
Wear headphones while relaxing and Focus your attention on the images on the clip,
then Feel that energy of those qualities of nature.
Light, sun, moonlight, northern light, etc.
Immerse yourself in the sound with the image of sound flowing in your body and healing.

After listening, feel the gratitude it may come upon your heart.

You can do it as many times as you like.

If you watched this clip, please support me by clicking a good button, channel registration, or spread this link.

thank you so much.

Bless you.

Osamu Moriyama

Music Download (US)

Sound Healing


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