Happy ThanksGiving 2020


Hello, my friends.

Today is Thanksgiving Day.

To me being Japanese, this day has not so much meaning.

But to me, Giving thanks is an everyday ritual.

 I feel gratitude and give thanks for my life.

I've experienced so many things in my life that has been abundant with blessings.

my life is already filled with the energy of abundance I can't ask for more than this.

On this day, I decide to live my life with joy, passion, love, and light.

Thank you so much, my family, my friends, my soul mates.

Mother Earth, Father Sky✨


Now I want to share my photos.

Recent photos of sunset and twilight from the rooftop of my apartment.

You can see that we are always surrounded by the universe, the source of creation.

From my apartment, The sun is sinking close to WTC. which is around the southwest.

the moon is coming up brighter as the sun goes down.

Twilight is divine magic

They change color moment by moment.

it's like music improvisation.

I'm so lucky to be alive. thank Godself 

Lastly, I introduce my video that is a perfect match for twilight.

Check this out.


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