Voice of the Sea

Introducing a video clip of dolphins and whales created by Daisuke, who is a dolphin swim guide & an artist living on the Big Island of Hawaii

You can enjoy the collaboration of the healing music that I created with his whale sound source.
be healed by the dolphins and other creatures swimming happily!

Mr. Daisuke was a guide for the dolphin swim at the healing retreat I organized

on the Big Island of Hawaii last February and March,

I just feel the love of dolphins, and even think he was reincarnated from Dolphins.

I was really lucky to meet him.

Daisuke On Youtube https://bit.ly/2zJDp6E

Snufkin Osamu

Music Download (US) https://apple.co/2yvnBnF
Website https://motherearthsound.com

Reiki https://bit.ly/2A0zP85
Sound Healing https://bit.ly/2LSF0cU


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