New York-Essential Life

It's been a month and a half since New York was locked down.

During that period, the only chance I go out is to go shopping at the food store once a week or just sunbathing in a park along the river.

So I was tired of visiting the neighborhood.

So finally a few days ago, I took the subway for a long time to get to the city of Manhattan.

People are staying at home these days and are urged to do only essential things here in NYC.

For me, going to a park is one of the most important essential activities.

So I'd like to introduce my way of essential life in NYC.

The first place I headed for was Washington Square,
a place for New Yorkers to chill and relax.

What I noticed after coming here is that there are no tourists at all because it's locked down now.

They are almost New Yorkers.

That's amazing.

And That's not normal.

In May, spring is around the corner.

It seems to be increasingly warm, but still,
a few chilly winter remnants remain today.

This season, the trees in the park are refreshing and fresh.

The lawn is also colored with green and soothing.

A squirrel living in the park.

Overcoming a long winter,
It should be easier to move now.

The dove, a symbol of peace, is walking around me.

There is a famous fountain circle in the middle of the park.

So I settled here for chilling out for a while.

There were quite a lot of people.

After all, the residents of the neighborhood are also seeking healing here. 

You can see the importance of the park.
Many children in the neighborhood came to the park, and they are innocent and playful.

I was enjoying this moment now watching people having fun at the moment.

Beautiful boy chasing after pigeons

Young folk were enjoying roller boarding in the fountain. 
It's so cool the way they jump.
 So I took a picture of that moment.

The moment of an explosion.

Infinite possibilities, a paradigm shift.

Challenge small child!!

Street musicians were also playing.

Music is also essential for everyone.

Prayers, rituals, dancing, singing, 
enjoying life, laughing and having fun.
I think they are all essential for humans.

It is also a time to find out what is needed,
What I want to do for my soul at this time.

The two girls on the right are dancing like an angel 👼✨

Take a short walk outside the park. 
Greenwich Village Cityscape.

All the shops were quite closed, but I guessed there would be an open place somewhere. 

Gluten-free cake shop Posh Pop✨ It's open! Thank god!!

Get cookies and coffee, cafe time in front of the store.

I felt that my soul was happy to walk around the city.
I know it's essential to me.

Recently, I draw unicorn oracle cards every day.

I was wondering what that meant as cards called Pet came out a few times in a row.

But when I came to this park, I realized that the message was that I should be healed in a place where there are pet dogs and squirrels, pigeons, birds, and other wild animals.

The dogs and puppies walking with their owners look so happy with joy.

It's like They are living right here and now, 
Just enjoy themselves with their heart. 

I feel they are just cute. 
So it is children as well.

Anyone who lives here and now can always feel a sense of blessing. 
Enjoy innocence and playfulness. 
Play as hard as you can. This time now.

View of the World Trade Center from the middle of a street with few cars.

Now, I'd like to introduce my music clip from Youtube, and Today will be a sound healing music made at the end of last year.

 Moon, Light, Air ...

Improvisation of a guitar on a crystal bowl and a Japanese bell
a sense of a void, space.
Music that makes you feel the world of ZEN.

Music Download (US)

Sound Healing


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