Taking walk on New York City, June 2020

It was a nice and sunny day yesterday, so I took a walk to the town and chilled out in the park.
I was thinking of going to the usual Washington Square, but I changed my mind to get off at the 23rd station before getting there.

As I walked on the street along the Broadway I witnessed that most shops covered the entire surface with wooden boards so that the window glass could not be broken to prevent destruction and looting.

 You see that George Floyd's case is a huge impact.

There's a place where you could freely write the cards for the protests.

Everyone was writing their thoughts.

 The protests were walking near Union Square along 14th Street

 There is no violence at all during the day, it is a very peaceful protest demonstration.

I was deeply moved by the cohesive power of people who wanted to defeat racism and the desire to change society as they have been tired of those discriminations.

I bought the Black Lives Matter badge.

 I think this Black Lives Matter should be interpreted not only as violence and discrimination against black people but also as giving up the awareness of discrimination and prejudice that each country has.

Then I walk south to Washington Square.

 Street musicians express their power to the open space
 They were playing hot.

It's nice to lie on the lawn and under the shade of a tree.

When I saw the flowers, the bees came to suck nectar.
The nectar of this flower would be so delicious.

Live like a flower every day.

May you always give the best shine to this world.

I just keep playing music.

today I present...

What A Wonderful World.



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