Baritone Ukulele Sound Healing

Recently I often go to Central Park for bathing in a forest, and I  bring a baritone ukulele and enjoy strumming the strings.

I met this baritone ukulele on the Big Island of Hawaii and I've wanted this as I saw it for the first time! ! It was one of the favorite musical instruments of a fateful encounter that I felt with intuition.

If you've been a musical instrument player for a long time, you'll come across such a heart-sparkling instrument.

There is no doubt that such instruments inspire creativity, and I can make great works with them.

The characteristic of this instrument is that it is stretched with four nylon strings and is lower tuning than a normal ukulele.

 It's the same as tuning a guitar's 1-4 strings, Even if I am not familiar with the tuning and narrow position of the ukulele, this baritone ukulele is not so strange and I can easily switch and play it from the guitar.

Also, this portable size is lovely, and it's a little awkward to go out with a guitar, but this baritone ukulele is just right in a tote bag, light and convenient to carry It is so good.

This playfulness is a characteristic of ukulele and the dry and laid-back sound creates a space of Hawaiian sound healing.

I also use this baritone ukulele when I do a sound healing concert.

I am playing the baritone ukulele with the sound source introduced below.

The title of the thumbnail is written in Japanese, which says Baritone Ukulele Sound Healing/Personal Cleaning/In Central Park.

It was recorded on June 21 of the summer solstice the other day.

On that day, after praying the Obelisk Tower in the park, I played the instrument on a large rock in the forest.

It is a sound that brings healing just by listening.

It was an improvisational performance, performed in harmony with the chirping of birds, the whisper of the wind, peak sun of the summer solstice, the trees of the forest, and nature.

I wish the sound enhances healing, cleansing, and wonderful transformation for many. Aloha🌈 Snafkin Osamu

I welcome inquiries and requests for events such as guitar and sound healing concerts and workshops. please feel free to contact me. Music Download Reiki Sound Healing Website


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