Inner Peace

In New York, the warmth has become more comfortable,
  It has become a good season to open the windows of the house and feel the wind.

  Even in such seemingly peaceful days, various social turbulences are running,
The killing of George Floyd by a white police officer is a remarkable event.

The protest against racism is making a loud voice all over the United States.

When the world is changing dramatically due to the coronavirus phenomenon,
 These protests and riots, which seem to fill the turmoil in the turmoil, has long been held by the United States.

It has highlighted the darkness that America has had for a long time,
but it also made me feel that they show the world is facing a problem that requires a change in consciousness.

Discrimination is the lack of the intelligence and sensitivity of love to respect people equally.

 That derived from a Sense of Separation and fear.
 Fear of being robbed, lost, looked down on, and so on.

I think the state of blaming the inner fears on the outside world or for people will lead to a sense of discrimination or hate.

What is peace?

 We pray for the world to be peaceful,
 but in our subconscious mind, we might also feel that it is the outside world's responsibility and blame them for the lack of peace in their reality.

 After all, it will lead to a feeling of helplessness.

 And That's not the true intention.

Of course, it's wonderful to create a world of peace and love.

 Focus on inner peace.
 It also means trusting your inner spirit.

 To let go of the conflicts, thoughts, and emotions of the mind that cannot feel peace.

This is the most important thing to notice right now.
I felt through the series of outside events.


Continuing from the last time,
I present my performance in the forest of Central Park.

When I feel the earth, the sky, and the nature in the forest of Central Park,
It reminds me to return to my center and to be connected to everything.

May this sound resonate with the vibrations of peace inside you.

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thank you for listening.


Snafkin Osamu

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Sound Healing

While being healed in the forest of Central Park

While touching the richness that is here now,
feeling gratitude for the overflowing blessings.


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