Inspiration is the manifestation of Abundance

 Hi there.

Recently I just started performing in Central Park, NYC.

and it's been such a joy not only playing music in the beautiful nature but also to meet 

people and communicate with them through the music I play.

The other day I was playing the guitar by the lake improvising from my inspiration and

also playing some old songs.

Then I noticed a guy, he was listening and sitting just behind me.

when he is about to leave he talked to me and said

"Thank you for the music you played it's so beautiful"

then he gave me a picture he drew with a pencil.

"Your music inspired me to draw this picture"

His drawing art was so beautiful.

It moved me that my music could inspire someone to create something.

and this is something I call it the manifestation of "Abundance"

Lastly, I want to add my newest Youtube clip.

this is a guitar solo performance with an old beautiful song that had become one of the most famous Jazz standard songs.

"All The Things You Are"

I hope you like it.

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