Lions Gate Prayer For World Peace 8.8.2020 Obelisk In Central Park, NYC

On August 8th, 2020 when The Lion's Gate is at the peak,
I had a little ceremony in front of the obelisk in Central Park, NYC.

Praying for world peace in this chaotic time in history.

I choose to create my world in peace and harmony.

So I offered my music to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Spirits
as we can shift our vibration to a peaceful and harmonious one.

The performance went on for about 40 minutes but I present the clip with a short cut version. 

The song I play is my original piece called "Like A Wind Flow"

Sorry for my video clip it only shows my back however I intend to
Offer music towards the obelisk tower that represents the energy
portal of the lion's gate.


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